18. Living & Loving Life <3

yorkies are awesome&#8230;I love my puppy! #Bella &lt;3

yorkies are awesome…I love my puppy! #Bella <3

Start of Fall

. First day of college classes. Its been the longest day ALREADY and its only almost three. #NeedSleepASAP Homework later.

"That liquor comes in handy" - Chris Brown

Means Beautiful Soul 

Means Beautiful SoulĀ 

ilovehim &lt;3 Est. 2010

ilovehim <3 Est. 2010

Lol #getit

  • Guy friend: You know a chick name _______ that went to your school?
  • Me: Yeah, why?
  • Guy friend: Just asking.. She a hoe? She nice? What's the scoop? lol
  • Me: She's a nice hoe :)
  • Guy Friend: Hahaha GOOD!!!!! When I come home that's gone be my piece of ass.
  • Me: Lmao #getit